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Thursday, October 10, 2013


As we get closer to the Holiday Season, the anti-God people are once again going activist against the Christians, the Jews, and, I suppose, the Muslims, the Hindus and all the other great faiths on the planet.  Maybe it's me, but it feels like the atheists have become more bilious over the past few years, demanding equal space for anti-nativity scenes and bible-scoffing scrolls and suing that the well-lit trees be removed from public view.  Interesting, that people who don't believe in any sort of a god-thing can be so strident about getting space to inform everybody else how foolish it is to hope for some sort of cosmic destiny, and all because they themselves are sure there's nothing out there.  They haven't any proof, but it's not a crime to be stubborn about these important matters.  They have a right to their opinion, and yes, they have it thought out in a way that makes perfect sense to them.  In short, they have a religion of their own.


  1. I'm an atheist and I don't care what you or anyone put up -- unless it becomes pushy to the point of trying to force your religious point of view onto me. Put your monuments in the park but you better accept it when a Muslim group wants to put up their holy symbols on their holidays.

    Most atheist/agnostics I know also don't care. I love Christmas trees and lights and even carols until they become tedious from overplaying. The minority making all the noise don't represent the majority of atheists anymore than Pat Robertson or Fred Phelps represents the majority of Christians.

    1. Atheists by definition are not agnostics. I wish they would admit their non-god belief systems are just another religion and get on with it.